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Banishing Spells

Banishing spells are useful any time when you want to rid yourself of something you feel isn’t serving you. This could take the form of banishing energy such as a spirit, or banishing a habit you feel is negative.

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The aim of a banishing spell is to completely cut off whatever it is that is causing you harm or pain, so these spells should be undertaken with commitment and surety. Don’t perform a banishing in a fit of anger when you have had an argument with a friend, lover or family member! Because of the potent nature of banishing spells, it’s always best to consider what you want from them and perform them from a place of consideration.

On occasion, you may feel that you need to banish magical energy from other people. In this case, you can use the spell to break a spell. Or, if you feel that negative energies are in any way hindering you, you can perform banishing spells to free yourself from these unwelcome influences. Banishing spells can be especially potent during the waning moon.

A Paper chain banishing spells

The concept of this banishing spell is very simple, but you can adapt it to be a more complex ritual if you want to.  The main act of magic will be the crafting of a paper chain that represents the habit, situation, or relationship that you are looking to break free of and banish from your life.

A Banishing spell for a home

This is a spell to banish any unwanted influences in your home. It consists of an elemental banishing ritual, followed by a cleansing and purification of your home. This spell is an ideal way to prepare a new living space before you move in. It will take away any remnants of the old tenants that were there before you and let you move into a fresh, new space.